Strome Energy Services

We refreshed Strome Energy Services’ brand identity and built a custom WordPress website that addressed all their needs.

Project Brief

Strome Energy Services is a heavy equipment, mining, and oilfield services company that operates across western Canada.

The company was initially named after a former owner, and the current leadership felt the name and branding were holding them back from their next stage of growth.

Strome was also in need of a new website to help them build brand awareness and win contracts.

Our Solution

Our main focus was choosing a name and brand identity that reflected the company’s legacy, trustworthiness, and commitment to serving their clients a full-spectrum of mining and oil field support services with no frills.

Supplementary to that was a speedy website that cemented their brand online, listed services provided, generates leads, and established a strong digital foundation for Strome and their next leg up.

What We Delivered

Company Name
Logo Design
Brand Identity
WordPress Website
Service Brochure
One of the best things I ever did for this business was when I picked up the phone and called Reaction.

From developing our website to the total rebranding of this company, the service and professionalism have been outstanding.

I cannot say enough about the difference this one decision has made for my company.

Story Behind The Name

Story Behind The Name

After some deliberation, we opted for the last syllable of the owner’s family name, Strome, which evoked both a powerful storm and the heritage of the company’s ownership in a concise and striking wordmark.

Energy Services reflects the exhaustive list of offerings provided by Strome and forms a powerful and descriptive company name.

Bold Brand Identity

To set Strome apart from the crowd, we chose a brand colour palette that strayed from typical schemes seen in the energy services market while contrasting smartly.

In colour theory, Strome’s brand yellow signifies warmth and optimism, while dark blue stands for the depth, expertise, and stability they bring to every job site.

After choosing a wordmark typeface that was both modern and utilitarian, the umlaut was fashioned into a branding element that allows for a seamless transition between images and content in brochures, web design, and other brand materials.

Quickly Building A Digital Footprint

Quickly Building A Digital Footprint

When Strome came to Reaction, they had no web presence at all, and it was hurting their business.

Not only were potential clients unable to find them on search engines, but their online lead generation was nonexistent.

To quickly remedy this, we built a sharp and utilitarian website that featured baked-in search engine optimization, a detailed list of their offerings, and allowed clients to contact them via email or phone. All while incorporating their brand identity into a high-performance shell.

Start to finish, the website was live in under 60 days!

Ahead Of The Curve With ComplyWorks

In the energy services industry, risk management and compliance with governing bodies are especially important in winning bids and contracts.

To cut some of that red tape, we integrated the industry standard ComplyWorks as a call to action button.
When customers are guided to Strome’s profile, they can see a detailed list of qualifications possessed and make a more informed decision on who they ask to bid for a job.

This integration has been especially potent, as it clears a massive hurdle in their sales funnel.

Growth-Driven Website

As with most of our clients, a quick turnaround on web development was essential to triage a damaged digital presence. Strome Energy’s new website serves as a strong foundation to WOW their potential clients into doing business with them.

Chief among the features we could roll out in the future is a rental portal for Strome’s fleet of energy service equipment, and more content to build thought leadership, authority and increase search engine domination.

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