Hi there. We’re Reaction Digital.

We help companies, big and small, shine a spotlight on what makes them great, and we work together to make big things happen online.

Creative Partner

Why work with us?

You deserve to work with a digital agency that challenges you, advocates for you and helps your business realize its untapped online potential. We know we’re not that partner for every business out there, and that’s why we spend the time upfront to get to know you, understand your goals, and make sure we can help you crush them.

We don’t “sell” what we do to anyone - If we’re a good fit, it will feel right from the start and be a win-win for everyone involved!

What we’re great at


Website Design
WordPress Development
Custom Themes & Plugins
Website Performance


Logo & Visual Identity
Brand Positioning
Messaging & Copywriting
Company & Product Naming
Digital Campaigns

Digital Strategy

Website Audits & Reviews
Search Engine Optimization
Conversion Optimization
Website & Hosting Clean Ups
Project Management

How We Work

We believe that producing great work requires a solid relationship between your company and ours.

Our virtual discovery process will introduce you to our team and allows us to learn more about your business and plans for growth.

If it feels like a good fit, partnering with us is easy. We’ll hit the ground running, and we have multiple ways we can structure our work together.
Results that Matter

Results that Matter

To make big things happen online, we focus on metrics that matter, like traffic, sales, conversions, and engagement.

A Dedicated Team of Digital Experts

A Dedicated Team of Digital Experts

From day one, you’ll have a finely-tuned team of professionals rallied together behind your business, ready to make big things happen.

Continuous, Transparent Communication

Continuous, Transparent Communication

Knowing where your project is at and staying connected with our team is easy. You’ll have access to live chat, our project management tools, and we’ll keep everything organized and on track.

We’ll Stick with You for the Long-term

We’ll Stick with You for the Long-term

Far from one and done. Our digital agency was built on forming long-term relationships with our clients. On-demand or ongoing, we’re here to ensure your brand and website continue to drive results.

Many successful business owners struggle to take full advantage of their online opportunities.

We’re a digital agency dedicated to guiding them through strategy, branding, and web development.

So they make big things happen online.
Meet Reaction, the team that will help you make big things happen online.

Reaction Digital is a Canadian-based agency with a distributed team that brings together some of the best designers, developers, writers, and strategists from across Canada and around the world.

Our team brings years of experience to the table, and you get a turn-key digital partner that’s ready to rock from day one.

The Reaction Team

Things to Know About Reaction Digital

We’ve been building websites and brands since 2008.
We partner with major industry players like Android Headlines and Private Lender Link.
We sometimes get really nerdy talking about SEO and content strategy. Sorry in advance.
Our awesome team stretches across 3 provinces and 5 countries.

We’re here to help.

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