New brand and visual identity, growth-driven website, and social strategy for a cloud-based accounting firm.

Project Brief

Prince Accounting came to be when Brody Prince saw a unique opportunity for cloud-based accounting. Yep, Prince Accounting is an accounting firm in the cloud. Brody came to us for help communicating their services and competitive advantage to their target audience through a user-friendly website and a strategic marketing and communications plan.

With an initial lack of branding and a company that some may consider difficult to describe, we were ready to get started on relatable imagery and digestible messaging. The key to selling their services was going to be a low barrier way for their potential clients to get started.

Our Solution

With a cloud-based model, in an industry that isn’t used to this kind of approach, it was crucial that their value was communicated to their audience in a way that makes sense to them. As they were targeting business owners, it was also important to highlight how Prince Accounting is going to make their lives better instead of bombarding them with industry jargon. These are reasons why the website’s homepage focuses mainly on convenience and profits, specifically improving your cash flow and lowering your taxes (because who wouldn’t want that?).

Getting started was made easy for their clients. By productizing their services into 3 possible plans: Basic Compliance, Growing Company, and Established Business, each with high-level descriptions of what the plan includes, we were able to create a low barrier way for their audience to decide if Prince accounting would work for their business. While each package is customizable, presenting them in a more productized way facilitates the decision making process.


What We Delivered

  • Target Audience / Personas
  • Logo Design
  • 12 Month Strategic Plan
  • Competitive Advantage
  • Brand Positioning
  • Social Media Strategy
  • Brand Identity
  • Growth Driven Website


Finances can be intimidating, so we established a knowledgeable and approachable feel from the first encounter with the company. Prince Accounting is not just about getting books back in order, or getting ready for tax season, it is about creating a personal relationship and being able to forecast future success for business. “More than virtual accountants, we’re your financial partner” is branded across their homepage in bold letters.

When brainstorming the logo, we wanted it to incorporate the essence of being established and innovative. The clean logo we designed is surely memorable with the clever merging of a crown and a financial chart.

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