Juiced Events
Upgrading the brand and messaging strategy for an event entertainment company celebrating 25 years of success.

What we delivered

• Strategic Messaging
• New Company Name
• Logo Refreshment
• Brand Standards
• Marketing & Sales Material

Project Brief

Juiced Audio & Lighting, a well-known DJ and event services company, has been setting the stage with top-quality audio and lighting services for a quarter of a century.

As expectations for premium events have grown alongside advancements in technology, Juiced Audio & Lighting has consistently adapted and broadened their offerings to cater to their clients’ ever-changing needs. As they approached their 25th anniversary, Juiced partnered with Reaction to amplify their many years of event services and showcase their commitment to exceptional event experiences for the local community of central Alberta.

Our Solution

As the team at Juiced celebrates its anniversary, we recognized the opportunity to enhance their brand and refine their messaging to better reflect their growth and experience in the industry. 

Changing the name from Juiced Audio & Lighting to Juiced Events was a crucial first step to positioning them to succeed in a competitive market. Next, we introduced a branded key message and tagline to use across all their marketing material that clearly communicates their range of entertainment services. Last but not least, we updated the logo design, brand colours, and imagery to give everything a fresh, modern look and feel.

Get Ready to Party!
Same Company, New Name

The original name, Juiced Audio & Lighting, only highlighted a portion of their comprehensive event services and did not effectively communicate their full value proposition to potential clients. To address this challenge, we collaborated with their team to develop a new company name that more accurately reflects their full range of services. 

Say hello to Juiced Events – Event Tech & Entertainment

With the strategic change to Juiced Events, we were able to keep the most memorable part of their identity intact while making it easier for their audience to recall.

Image Before
Image After

Effective Messaging & Communication Strategy

The new tagline, “Event Tech & Entertainment,” effectively communicates Juiced Event’s wide range of entertainment services, from sound & video, live streaming and lighting and everything in between!

We also introduced a branded key message “Making a splash at central Alberta events since ‘98” to highlight the company’s 25 years of experience in the industry, and position them as a trusted and established provider of event services in central Alberta.

Modernizing the Brand Identity

Armed with a new name and messaging strategy, it was time to modernize Juiced’s brand identity. Our objective was to retain the original logo’s shape and type style while infusing it with a contemporary flair.

We preserved the primary orange brand colour, adding secondary green and pink shades inspired by fruits like oranges, limes, and grapefruits. This vibrant palette was implemented across all marketing channels, including the website, social media, sales materials, and trade show displays.

To ensure a cohesive aesthetic across Juiced Events’ touchpoints, we incorporated graphic illustrations and brand imagery that aligned with the fruit-inspired colour scheme. This approach not only established consistency but also helped create an engaging brand personality that appeals to potential clients looking to host a memorable event.

Establishing Consistency with Brand Standards

Like every branding project at Reaction, it’s critical to document the identity through brand standards. This essential component guarantees that Juiced’s staff, as well as any external vendors they collaborate with, have a clear understanding of how to utilize the brand elements effectively and cohesively.

We created a simple brand standards document that outlines the proper use of logo variations, colour schemes, and usage restrictions. By providing this guidance, we ensure that Juiced’s brand identity remains consistent across all channels of the business, reinforcing their professional image and strengthening their position in the event services industry.

Juiced Events

Refreshing the brand identity and refining the messaging strategy for an event entertainment company.

What We Delivered

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