Classic Cleaners

Marketing Strategy + Brand Messaging & Identity Design

Classic Cleaners is a family-owned dry cleaner who realized that their industry was on a decline and needed to find a way to appeal to a younger audience.

Our Solution

While interviewing the client, we discovered people are no longer coming in with wool suits but rather their UGGs, designer jeans, and expensive winter coats to be professionally cleaned. We needed to design a brand that not only appeals to the local luxurious couples, but also fights the perception to the rest of their audience that dry cleaning is old or outdated.

After their competitive analysis, we realized that their competition was heavily focused on cheap cleaning and discounts, so we positioned Classic Cleaners in the market as a more high-end, trusted place to take your loved items. Instead of focusing on sales and coupons we recommended focusing on their VIP program, subscription-based laundry, and being more associated with fashion in the community (by sponsoring events and having a photobooth).

We developed a brand identity using a modern colour palette that suggested elegance without alienating an older audience and made a font choice that is inspired by the classic high-end fashion brands like Gucci and Valentino with a modern twist to appeal to the younger audience.


What We Delivered

  • Marketing Strategy
  • Opportunity Analysis
  • Industry Scan
  • Target Audience Personas
  • Competitive Advantage
  • Brand Identity
  • Branded Key Message
  • Logo Design

What We Learned

During the competitive analysis, we found a lot of branding that actually made it confusing as to what kind of cleaning the company does. Colour psychology is the theory that colours influence perception. We found it interesting that all of us in the office subconsciously associated yellows, bright blues and soap bubbles with house or commercial cleaning.

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