Best Tech Deals
Building a custom-coded affiliate sales website for one of tech’s biggest publishers, Digital Trends. From kick-off to launch in just 30 days.

What we delivered

• Custom WordPress Theme
• WordPress VIP Development & Launch
• Custom Admin Options
• Google Tag Manager Integration

Project Brief

It all started when Digital Trends, one of the world’s largest tech publishers, had an idea for an auxiliary revenue stream.

They thought, “Hey! We know how to run Google ads. What if we built a tech deals microsite, partnered with our advertisers, bid on their branded keywords, and got a percentage of every sale we sent their way?”

And that’s how Best Tech Deals was born.

So, who do you call when you need a custom micro affiliate site that converts? An agency like Reaction that specializes in custom WordPress development, of course. After all, when you’re licensed to run ads for household name brands like JBL and Harman Kardon, you want to put your best foot forward.

Our Solution

We knew what had to be done: build a custom website with landing pages for paid search ads and then convert that traffic into affiliate dollars.

Since Digital Trends operates its many sub-brands on WordPress, it was important to keep Best Tech Deals on the same content management system. Our team developed a custom WordPress theme that showcased all the necessary information for each product while leaving room for eye-catching affiliate links for some sweet impulse clicks.

Custom WordPress Design

To maximize the return from each ad click, it was necessary to have a high-performing site that differentiated itself from the crowd of affiliate marketing pages.

We built a 100% custom WordPress theme with rich templates to streamline landing page creation, including pros and cons sections, customer reviews, and even allowing for multiple products per page with reactive on-page elements.

All of that in just 30 days from kick-off to launch!

Google Tag Manager Integration

Beyond a well-designed and functional site, this project also required a technical touch due largely to the affiliate tracking needed to attribute sales down the funnel. To support conversion tracking, we implemented Google Tag Manager on the backend to support link attribution and data tracking.

Also, to ensure Best Tech Deals wasn’t cannibalizing their partner’s organic keywords or contaminating affiliate attribution data, we added “noindex” tags to the site’s pages to ensure the affiliate traffic could only come from paid ads or shared URLs.

Easy Analytics & Reporting

The project’s main goal for Best Tech Deals was to create a steady affiliate revenue stream for Digital Trends, so Google Analytics needed to be configured to report affiliate campaign activity, track outbound clicks, and keep tabs on ROI for paid search campaigns.

With both Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager integrations firmly in place, Best Tech Deals is fully in charge of their business analytics and can make simple changes to their strategy based on real-time customer data.

Brand Consistency is Key

One of the beautiful things about choosing Reaction as your digital partner is our ability to understand and implement your existing brand identity and web assets for whatever other projects you might have. Case in point: Digital Trends and Best Tech Deals.

Our team incorporated their existing design elements, brand guidelines, and UX sensibilities into Best Tech Deals to keep everything on-brand and help streamline the project’s design phase.

Best Tech Deals

Building a custom-coded affiliate sales powerhouse for one of tech’s biggest publishers, Digital Trends. From kick-off to launch in just 30 days.

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