Steel Pony Farm
Boosting a local grocery subscription service with a brand refresh and marketing campaign.

What we delivered

• Campaign Concept
• Key Messaging
• Marketing & Sales Assets
• Website Strategy & Direction
• Brand Upgrades

Project Brief

Steel Pony Farm is much more than a humble community farm share. Their team works hard growing fresh produce while working with great local food vendors to include in their grocery subscription service.

To raise awareness and encourage busy families and couples to sign up for a weekly grocery box, Steel Pony Farm reached out to Reaction for expertise in developing a strategy to guide their internal team.

The objective was not only to promote Steel Pony Farm’s brand but also to effectively convey the value and convenience of their fresh, local, and healthy grocery delivery service.

Our Solution

To address Steel Pony Farm’s challenges, we refreshed their visual identity and developed a marketing campaign that clearly communicates what they offer to their most ideal customers.

The first step was to bring consistency in promoting themselves, so we introduced subtle upgrades to their identity and wrote branded key messaging that speaks to their audience. They also needed marketing and sales assets to maximize their brand exposure and reach as many potential customers as possible, ultimately increasing their grocery subscription count.

In addition to creating these assets, we recognized the importance of integrating the new messaging and design elements into their website.

Brand Identity Upgrades

The brand and image of Steel Pony Farm were already well-established in the local area, so we wanted to build on what their audience already knew and loved.

We integrated new design patterns that showcase their identity, refined the typography across their brand assets, and introduced a collection of custom icons that represent the wide variety of products they carry, so they wouldn’t have to rely on expensive photography.

Clear & Consistent Messaging

To create a strategy that would differentiate Steel Pony Farm from its competitors and resonate with their target audience, we began by interviewing their team to gain a deep understanding of their business goals and the unique aspects of their service.

Because they started as a traditional farm share business, most of their messaging included terminology and descriptions that didn’t accurately represent what their business had grown and evolved into—an online marketplace where customers can choose from hundreds of local food products and have them delivered directly to their door each and every week.

From the insights gathered, we developed 4 branded key messages designed to effectively (and consistently) communicate the value of Steel Pony Farm. The new messaging highlights the convenience, health benefits, and “support local” mission of Steel Pony Farm’s subscription services, emphasizing the aspects that matter to their most ideal customer.

I highly recommend Reaction Digital and their team, led by Mike, for all of your marketing needs. As the owner of Steel Pony Farm, I was impressed with the level of support and expertise they provided. Their approach goes above and beyond SEO and social media post suggestion – they truly understand how to connect with customers and streamline sales channels. Communication was seamless and their suggestions were invaluable. I look forward to continuing to work with them in the future!

High-Impact Marketing & Sales Assets

With a clear messaging strategy in place, it was time to create a variety of marketing and sales assets to promote the Steel Pony Farm brand and engage potential customers. These assets included social media and video content that leveraged the new messaging, branded signage for events and local farmers markets, informative “how it works” sales brochures, as well as t-shirt designs and vehicle wraps that show off the brand.

Conversion-Fueled Website Strategy

Along with the campaign, we also provided their team with strategic recommendations for their website to create a seamless customer experience while bringing attention to their three tiers of grocery subscription service. This included integrating the new messaging and design assets we created, as well as optimizing the site’s layout, user flow, and calls-to-action to encourage sign-ups and drive conversions.

Steel Pony Farm

Creating a go-to-market campaign for a grocery subscription service.

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