Shift Occupational Health & Safety

A new name, branding and website to elevate their position in the marketplace.

Project Brief

Formerly known as Chandler Consulting, this company had a stellar reputation with its clients but their image to the outside world didn’t accurately reflect their greatness. With new owners at the helm, it was time for a change!

Our Solution

A new name, a fresh visual identity and an updated website dramatically changed customer perception and gave them the foundation needed to ramp up their marketing.

What We Delievered

Digital Strategy
Logo & Branding
Website Design & Development
Company Naming
Audience Personas
Key Message
We knew we needed a fresh look, a name change, a new logo, something to promote the evolution of what we had envisioned for the future of Shift OHS.

Reaction Marketing was able to take all our thoughts and comments and put this into action to create our NEW brand identity. Great experience from start to finish! We look forward to working with them in the future.

A New Company Name

A New Company Name

We came up with the name Shift OHS because their clients are looking for exactly that – a shift in their workplace safety. OHS is a clear identifier of the Health and Safety industry so we felt this was a stronger reflection of the company’s purpose.

Messaging that Connects

Messaging that Connects

The tagline “Keeping your workers healthy and safe” was created to speak directly to business owners who are looking to do exactly that. Along with a brand script and some new key messaging, we helped to create branded templates that to use when marketing their programs and services.

Fresh Look & Feel

Fresh Look & Feel

We chose bold and bright colours because we wanted to present them as the fun, outgoing, go-getter company that they truly are. Heavy use of brand purple as a solid background and images overlaid with a consistent gradient effect allows them to create branded assets without the need to always rely on custom photography.

A New Website

We brought all this work together with a new website that is easy to navigate and generates qualified leads for the company. With the addition of online program registrations and the ability to book a drug-testing appointment online, we were able to provide a much-needed tool to help manage their customer inquiries.

The website is clean, professional, easy for them to update, and was designed to grow along with their business.

Online Booking Integration

Whether it’s for a workplace accident or a new hire at a company, health assessments and substance abuse testing is a big deal for many professional industries.

What was once a manual (and labour heavy) booking process with unnecessary back-and-forth is now a seamless experience for their customers to book a health assessment or drug test directly online.

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