Red Deer Ironworks
Reinforcing an established energy parts and service manufacturer as a global leader in the flow control industry.

What we delivered

• Custom WordPress Theme
• Enhanced Mobile Optimization
• Visual Brand Design Elements
• Original, High-quality Photography
• Ecommerce Inspired Product Pages

Project Brief

Red Deer Ironworks (also known as RDI) was established in 2006 and has evolved into one of the world’s largest manufacturers of high-pressure iron fittings and flow valves for the energy industry. 

In 2014, we had the privilege of building their website, which served their team for almost a decade. As RDI grew into a global powerhouse, the website we crafted back then no longer reflected their expansive scale and market presence. Recognizing the necessity for a digital presence befitting a 9-figure company, RDI approached us for a comprehensive redesign of their WordPress website.

Our Solution

Our strategy for RDI’s new custom WordPress website was clear: they need a digital platform that mirrors their evolution from a growing company to a major global player in their industry, while maintaining the essence of their established brand.

Along with a custom WordPress theme for a front-to-back end redesign, our approach encompassed detailed product pages with an ecommerce lens suitable for B2B engagement and the inclusion of authentic, high-quality photography across the entire site. For their brand, we introduced new design elements and an expanded colour palette to elevate their visual identity across not only their website but also their marketing and sales materials.

Mobile view of RDI website showcasing flow control products including ball valves, blanking caps, check valves, and choke & kill manifolds, highlighting on-site inventory and downloadable product catalog for efficient workflow optimization.

User-Centric Product Showcase

In redesigning RDI’s website, a major focus was on the product page experience. We recognized the importance of showcasing RDI’s extensive product range of various valves and manifolds in a format that resonates with their industrial B2B clientele. 

To achieve this, we adopted a retail/ecommerce approach, presenting each product with comprehensive specifications and detailed descriptions. This strategic layout not only enhances the user experience but also provides valuable information at the fingertips of potential customers.

Collage of RDI's industrial operations: a worker grinding metal, technician programming machinery, welding in progress, a professional operating equipment, and precise assembly of flow-control valves, representing the company's hands-on quality assurance in product manufacturing.

Bringing Authenticity with Original Photography

Moving away from generic stock images, we focused on capturing the essence of RDI’s operations, products, and corporate culture through professional photography services through Are You Social.

Authentic imagery provides a window into RDI, offering clients and partners a more tangible and relatable experience. This approach not only personalized RDI’s digital presence but also significantly enhanced the visual appeal of the website.

Two tablets displaying RDI's updated website pages with a focus on high-quality products for optimal performance and technology innovation, featuring images of industrial valve assembly and a technician calibrating equipment

Visual Enhancements & New Design Elements

During the redesign of RDI’s website, we saw an opportunity to introduce new design elements to complement their already well-known brand. They didn’t need a new logo, so our goal was to refresh their aesthetic without a complete rebranding. 

We added red and black to the existing colour palette and incorporated gradients for a modern and dynamic feel. These new elements were designed not only for the website but also to seamlessly integrate into RDI’s broader marketing and sales materials, including signage, brochures and even vehicle and equipment wraps.

Industrial engineer in a hard hat and safety glasses using a smartphone to monitor system status in a facility with complex piping and valve systems, highlighting modern industrial workflow and remote management capabilities.

Complete WordPress Redesigning for the Modern User

The redesign of RDI’s website focused on modernizing the overall user interface and experience to reinforce their position as global leaders in industrial flow control. 

Key to this transformation was the revision and optimization of site content for skimmability, ensuring information is easy to read and engaging. Additionally, recognizing the high mobile usage among RDI’s primary audience (energy workers frequently accessing the website site in the field), we prioritized exceptional mobile optimization. This approach ensures a premium browsing experience on any device, reflecting RDI’s commitment to accessibility and user-centric design in their digital presence.

Welder with a protective face shield performing precise welding on industrial equipment with RDI logo in the upper left, beside website navigation emphasizing their flow-control expertise since 2006 and an invitation to browse products and contact the company.
Web page from RDI showcasing a selection of ball valves with options for 1502, 602, and 206 compact ball valves, alongside a 3D rendered image of a blue ball valve, highlighting the download option for the product catalog and navigation tabs for performance, support, and specifications
Web page section from RDI highlighting '3D Engineering At Your Fingertips' with a high-quality 3D rendering of a blue ball valve, emphasizing their technical innovation in flow-control equipment design, alongside navigation icons for tech & innovation, environment, safety, company history, and community engagement.
Footer section of the RDI website with a call-to-action 'Not Finding What You're Looking For?' encouraging contact, overlaid on a dark blue background with wireframe graphics, alongside contact information, company sections, and social media links, emphasizing customer support and accessibility.

Red Deer Ironworks

Reinforcing an established energy parts and service manufacturer as a global leader in the flow control industry.

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