Revitalized brand identity and positioning, along with redesigned print assets and marketing materials, for a full-service wellness centre focused on an holistic approach to health.

Project Brief

Pure Chiropractic had matured in both its services and its purpose during the decade it had been in business in Red Deer. Its branding hadn’t matured at the same pace, which created a disconnect between the public perception of Pure and the actual patient experience of the clinic.

Existing patients understood Pure to be a welcoming safe haven where they could focus on their health with a wide array of services, including chiropractic care, physiotherapy, massage, nutrition counselling, and fitness boot-camps, among other things.

But because their brand positioned them as ‘Pure Chiropractic’, potential patients were unaware of the full spectrum of services offered at the clinic. How people viewed the clinic was different from how they experienced it.

Pure’s brand identity did not align with their business goals.

Our Solution

Pure needed a brand update, and rather than simply creating a new logo or visual identity, we focused on repositioning the clinic in their market.

Extensive audience and competitor research showed us that Pure was competing in a market flooded with pseudoscience and incomplete health solutions. Repositioning Pure in this market meant more than dropping ‘chiropractic’ from their name — it meant creating a brand identity that was professional, inviting, and adaptable to their expanding business offerings.

To set them apart in their industry, we needed to illustrate the core of who Pure is and what they do. Because Pure did all their marketing in-house, it was also vital that their visual and marketing assets could easily be replicated by their team.

Natural, authentic-feeling photography with easy-to-use overlays in vibrant but professional colours reflected who Pure truly is. We aligned that with content that showcased Pure’s holistic approach to health, which helped them be perceived differently in the marketplace — directly impacting their business and revenue.


What We Delivered

  • Audience Research
  • Digital Campaigns
  • Cohesive Identity
  • Print & Digital Design
  • Brand Positioning
  • Marketing Strategy


Pure prides itself on its exceptional patient experience, but getting those patients through the door was a challenge for the Red Deer-based clinic. Potential patients saw Pure as a chiropractic clinic, not understanding the wide array of holistic health services that Pure offered. Once someone experienced Pure for themselves, they were often surprised at the great environment and services offered at the clinic.

We knew that with the right branding, Pure should be able to effectively show their audience what to expect when they visit the clinic. They should be delighted — not surprised — that their expectations were met. This was our main challenge, turning that surprise to delight for Pure’s potential patients.

We worked closely with Pure’s staff and existing patients to understand the heart and soul of their operation — who they are, what they do, and (more importantly) why they do what they do. Starting with that strong foundation, we built an identity that reflected the core of their organization: inspiring and empowering the community to be proactive about their health.

We captured the essence of their business with simple and adaptable messaging that reflected their vibrant, passionate approach to health evolution: Pure | Elevate Your Health.

Shifting the name from ‘Pure Chiropractic’ to ‘Pure’ gives them more versatility and adaptability in how they showcase their services, both now and in the future.

They are Pure.

Along with the new brand identity that showcases their energetic, forward-thinking approach to health and wellness, we created a campaign to help build brand awareness. The key to this campaign was positioning Pure as the place where people go to get support and guidance on how to better their own health. It needed to focus on empowering people to take ownership of their wellness.

A rebrand doesn’t always bring immediate results and can be a daunting process for a business.
It often means balancing the up-front investment with the long-term return on that investment.

Pure understood the impact a rebrand could have on their business, and they knew that with the right positioning, they would be able to build a strong, healthy community, now and in the future.

Pure’s shift to a new identity was not meant to reinvent Pure’s business. It was simply to help their brand align with what they were already doing — empowering people to elevate their health.


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