5 Best Marketing Books for Business Owners

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Last Updated: May 4, 2021
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Books On How To Market Your Business

Marketing channels evolve all the time, but the core concepts behind building and promoting a solid business stay relatively the same.

Donald Miller - Building A Storybrand

1. Building A StoryBrand – Donald Miller

Reading this book will totally transform how you talk about your business. Many companies & business owners have difficulty explaining what exactly they do and what value it brings to their clients, instead of saying “it’s complicated” or talking about the history of the company (which no one really cares about). Miller gives readers his tried and true formula for writing a StoryBrand, which is the key messaging to show potential clients that you understand their problem, that your business will solve that problem and overall make their lives better.

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The Thank You Economy - Gary Vaynerchuk

2. The Thank You Economy – Gary Vaynerchuk

Courtship and one-on-one relationships are still the basis of business. Those who combine the traditional foundation of growing a business with social media are the ones who will find long-term success. The power of social media is a never-before-seen scalable level of customer interaction and care. Many businesses are using social media for slimy sales pitches or campaigns that only see short-term success instead of creating genuine, meaningful connections with their consumers.

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This I Know - Terry O’Reilly

3. This I Know – Terry O’Reilly

Described as “marketing epiphanies to help companies outsmart their competitors, not outspend them,” this is the perfect book for small businesses with limited budgets wanting marketing strategies to work for them and build relationships with their customers without spending a fortune.

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This Is Marketing - Seth Godin

4. This Is Marketing – Seth Godin

Most companies think marketing is just advertising; Seth Godin helps to break down the many myths of marketing. This book helps you hone in on your niche, create a community of followers, and build up a loyal network from it.

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Start With Why - Simon Sinek

5. Start With Why – Simon Sinek

Most of you have heard of Simon Sinek and his famous YouTube video about Millennials in the Workplace . In Start With Why, he discusses how business owners should put the Why (purpose) before the How (Process) and the What (Product or Service) in order to be an effective leader and ultimately gain new clients without the pushy sales tactics.

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