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How To Close A Sale With A 10 Word Email

Posted by: Mike Szyszka
Last Updated: August 23, 2021
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Revive the Ghost, aka, Write a Proper Follow-up Email

If you’ve been in sales or run your own business, there’s a 99.9% chance you have been ghosted on an email response at some point. It’s the worst! 

Maybe you had a few calls, a face-to-face meeting, wrote out a detailed proposal or even got a tacit commitment to a sale. Even if you didn’t, it still hurts, and follow-up outreach can be a real chore.

Guess what? We have you covered with a 10-word email that’s sure to get a response and possibly get that lead back in your sales funnel!

Cutting Through the Noise

First of all, there are plenty of reasons your lead might have gone cold. People get busy. Maybe they got moved to a new project at work. It’s even possible that a giant sinkhole opened up under their apartment and swallowed them whole. 

Ok, we can’t help you with the big sinkhole thing, but your goal otherwise should be to get your lead’s attention back. Ultimately, it’s possible that your follow-up emails simply aren’t catching their eye, and in a modern world packed with distractions, that is important!

Avoid Cookie-Cutter Email Outreach

Think about how many emails you ignore in a day: all the spam, group emails, meeting invitations and everything in between. We have a lot of input competing for our limited attention spans. 

Now, try to put yourself in your outreach target’s shoes. If you got this email, would you be quick to respond?

Hi there,

Hope you’re doing well! Just following up to check on that proposal I sent over. Let me know if you have any questions about pricing. I can get the ball rolling and set up a time for us to chat before the end of the week if that works for you.

We’ll be in touch!

Aside from being pretty bland, it’s also demanding a well-thought-out response, and if your recipient is busy, it’s totally possible they don’t have the time to think it through right then.

Guess what happens if they don’t respond straight away? You guessed it: You’re slipping right through the cracks into that void where the ecoupons and webinar invites live.

The Magic 10 Word Email Strategy

So, how can you avoid the pit of no return and bring that lost lead back into the funnel? It’s as easy as this:

Are you still interested in that project we talked about?

Mike Szyszka

Those 10 words are simple enough to prompt a quick response from your potential client. It could be something like “Yes, but I’ve been really busy. Can we talk next week?” or ”No, we decided to go another route.” Either way, you’ll be able to assess whether or not you want to continue investing time into that lead.

Try It Out

Give it a shot, and then connect with me on LinkedIn to share your success.

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