Trace Line Location

Name, logo, & brand identity for a Red Deer, Alberta based line location company that was 15 years in the making.

Project Brief

Trace is a line locating company whose principals of business include taking pride in building lasting relationships with their clients.

With an unnamed company and lack of branding in place, Mike – the main operator – came to us for a brand that would stand out in an extremely crowded market. When contracts become scarce, a memorable and professional image that instills trust and confidence would be key to edging out the competition.

Our Solution

To support Mike in building new relationships, it was imperative the company appeared professional and memorable. Through several key stakeholder discussions, we identified the personality of the brand: to be safe, reliable, bold, and deliver high quality work.

Their name and logo needed to be precise and simple enough to remain at the forefront of their target’s mind. By avoiding overused words with diluted meaning such as ‘accurate’ and ‘pro’, we instead created a name that evoked a long-standing prominence within the industry and acknowledged themes within line location without being too obvious.


What We Delivered

  • Company Naming
  • Logo Design
  • Website Design
  • Brand Strategy
  • Business Cards
  • Website Development
  • Brand Identity
  • Vehicle Graphics
  • Copywriting


As we brainstormed, we continuously played with the idea that this business is about creating a precise and detailed picture. By tracing something, you’re creating a line-by-line sketch. As a line locating business, you’re pushing through the surface to unearth the bigger picture below. By using technology and skill, you uncover what is below the surface.

Once we determined Trace’s brand and brand promise, we designed a logo and website to reflect just that: bold, simple, recognizable, and modern yet timeless. Our graphic designers created a logo that incorporated a line which extends in branding elements as an ode to line location and tracing, while our web team developed a straightforward landing page that captured their services, geographical reach and made it simple for the user to get a quote.

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