Same Clients, More Revenue

Have you ever wondered how to get more business from existing customers? CEWP certainly did. They wanted to focus on providing their current clients with valuable information to fuel client retention and form strong relationships.

In our quest to determine the best plan of action, we visited the CEWP offices. We discovered that they had a very valuable insightful meeting every Tuesday where they discussed the updates with the industry. Their clients are often inquiring about changes in the lumber industry in order to determine the right time to buy, but there wasn’t an efficient or consistent method in place to communicate this information with them. And so, the newsletter This Week In Wood was born.

"It's been a resounding success for the company. We keep growing in our subscription list. We've had just good, positive feedback from our customers saying "Hey, this is great, we really appreciate it." So definitely the most resounding impact we've had from this kind of campaign, with anything, ever."


This Week In Wood is a weekly email update about what is happening in the Canadian wood industry. It takes advantage of CEWP’s in-depth understanding of market trends and patterns to help their clients recognize potential opportunities or be aware of possible hindrances so they can feel confident that they are well informed about what lumber purchases to make and when. Not only does having this weekly newsletter outlining market trends and opportunities save their staff and sales team time, it also creates a more branded and consistent feel. Every week we have a phone call with the CEWP staff to find out the key insights from their meeting and we are able to run with the concept and create an email that can be then sent to their clients.

378% Increase in mailing list subscribers in the first 12 months

35% Average open rate of emails

28% Follower growth on LinkedIn


This Week In Wood is now an industry-leading newsletter followed by people across North America and Europe. Beyond the increase in subscriptions, CEWP saw that their clients are regularly calling in for more business opportunities based on information from the email each week.

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