SHIFT Health & Safety

Insights & Strategy, Brand Identity, and Website Development

Shift OHS, originally called Chandler Consulting, needed our help to create a robust marketing plan that would move their business forward. While working through our Insights & Strategy phase, it became very clear that what they needed was a much larger “shift” in their brand as a whole.

Project Brief

Early in the process of working with Shift OHS, it became clear that what they needed was a new name, a new brand, and some clarity around their key messaging.

Their original name, Chandler Consulting, was chosen in honour of the original owner, who’s last name was Chandler. Upon selling the company, the name no longer made sense and held no real meaning to new clients. We wanted to provide a new name that was directly related to their goals and objectives as a health and safety liaison in their industry.

Along with their new name, it was time to take a more modern approach with their branding. We knew we needed to go further than just a new logo and brand colours; we had to change the way their customers think when they hear about Shift OHS. We needed to create trust, not just through images, but through their communications as well.

To bring everything together, we needed a new website to keep them looking fresh online, and to provide a long-term strategy for digital growth.


What We Delivered

  • Target Audience/Personas
  • Competitive Advantage
  • New Company Name
  • Logo Design
  • Brand Positioning
  • Platform Strategy
  • 12 Month Action Plan
  • Brand Launch Strategy
  • Website

The Result

We came up with the name Shift OHS because their clients are looking for exactly that – a shift in their workplace safety. OHS is a clear identifier of the Health and Safety industry so we felt this was a stronger reflection of the company’s purpose.

We chose bright colours because we wanted to present them as the fun, go-getter company that they truly are. Mixed with a solid white background, these colours are strong and serious, yet subtle.

The tagline “Keeping your workers healthy and safe” was created to get the attention of business owners who are ready to take that step. Along with some new key messaging, we also helped to create a few branded templates that they can use when sending information about their programs and services.

We brought all this work together with a new website that is easy to navigate, and generates more qualified leads for the company. With the addition of online registrations, we were able to provide a much-needed tool to help manage their customer inquiries. The website was developed with a growth plan in mind so that we could launch phase one when they announced their new brand, with an ongoing plan for future growth.

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