Red Deer SPCA

‚ÄčA responsive website with a focus on easy access to adoption and donation services, key drivers for their organization.

Project Brief

Activity at the SPCA is high; they manage pet adoptions, run educational programs, host events, do fundraising, and provide exceptional animal services, all while simultaneously operating a retail store.

They needed a new website that would not only increase the online visibility of pets available for adoption, but also capture the full breadth of everything they do in an easy-to-navigate, mobile friendly website, that’s user-friendly for not only the visitors to the site, but the staff and volunteers keeping it up-to-date.

Our Solution

We dug deep and organized an array of competing content into a cohesive flow that would make sense to the user, boiling down their services into four key areas. Large hero images of furry friends combined with powerful and resonating statements, we would appeal to the emotions of the users.

Their Pet Adoption Centre was made the main focus of the website, and we created a fundraising section in which users could make online donations in creative ways, such as purchasing (the value of) boarding a dog or cat for a week, or making a donation on behalf of someone else as a gift.

Red Deer SPCA
Red Deer SPCA
Red Deer SPCA

What We Delivered

  • Website Design
  • Website Development
  • Custom Pet Adoption Tools
  • Events Calendar
  • Online Pet License Renewal
  • Online Donations
  • Graphic Design
  • Content Planning
  • Mobile Friendly Website