Rave Design Showroom

We Brought Four Unique Companies Together Under One New Branded Location

We often work with individual companies to develop a new brand or website for them, but in this case we faced a unique challenge: combining four companies with different brands. All four businesses work together and offer complementary services related to interior design. The public largely didn’t realize they were related companies; a customer would go to Central Alberta Tile One for flooring and not even think about looking for lighting or paint while they were there. Each company was promoting their individual store but they were missing out on the huge value of cross-promoting each other as well as marketing themselves as a one-stop shop for all of their customers’ renovation needs. We needed to create a new brand that could encompass all the services that each company offered, presenting a unified voice that customers could engage with easily, while still preserving the individual identities of each organization.


Tile, flooring, and countertops experts who provide high-quality products for commercial and residential applications.

Central Alberta Lighting

Provides light fixtures and other lighting systems for home and commercial usage.

Rave Interior Designs

A talented team of interior designers who hand-select products that will give any room a finished look.

Stoneworx Masonry & Stucco

An endless range of styles and options for exterior decoration with stone, brick, stucco, and more.

Each company offers different services that complement one another and each brand has its own brand equity that has been built up over time. We didn’t want to throw all that away and start over.

The Good Place

All four companies share the same physical showroom, so instead of creating a combined company, our solution was to create a unique brand for the location itself: The Rave Design Showroom. This creates a umbrella brand so we can promote all four businesses simultaneously in a way that customers can understand.

Branding the location instead of trying to combine the companies allows for greater flexibility and future growth since the individual brands still exist apart from the showroom. This also helps increase efficiency with things like social media promotions or website updates, since these can be run through the showroom brand instead of on each company's individual page or site.

A New Look

Creating a new brand for the showroom that would work with each company was a unique challenge. We had to consider the four existing brands and create something that would work well with all of them.

We chose "The Rave Design Showroom" as the umbrella name because we envisioned customers raving about their finished renovation project to their friends. This led to the messaging "Rave about your space". This wording also allows for a unified way to talk about each individual company, e.g. "Rave about your lighting" or "Rave about your flooring."

For the visual branding, we chose a black and white color scheme to make sure it wouldn’t age too quickly or clash with changing design trends. Garamond is the main logo font. It’s a timeless typeface that evokes a feeling of elegance and class. In the background, the diamond shape represents the swatches and tile samples customers look through in the shop.

Rave Design Showroom
Central Alberta Lighting
Rave Interior Design
Rave Company Profile
Rave About Your Flooring
Rave About Your Lighting
Growth Driven Website

A Growth-Driven Website

To introduce the new brand, we created a website that was specifically designed to showcase the connections between the various companies under the Rave umbrella.


Combining four different companies under one brand while still maintaining each one’s individuality is no easy task. The Rave Design Showroom is our unique solution to help unite these companies under one banner so they can better communicate with their customers and grow together with their new brand.

Rave Design Showroom

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