Identity, brand, website, & packaging for a strong and free Canadian beauty products start-up.

There’s nothing worse than discovering something you really enjoy is not quite what it seems. That was how it all started for Jonathan. He grew tired of paying for exorbitantly priced products that weren’t living up to their promises. In fact, they were only making his skin worse. Fed up with the recurring disappointment of endless chemical-laden formulas of self-proclaiming natural skincare products, he decided it was time he focused his attention on his true passion of creating a skincare line of his own.

Jonathan sought to deliver skincare products that were free from harsh chemicals and additives to people who didn’t even know they were being deceived by the brands they knew and loved. But - how would he do this? Jonathan researched tirelessly to ensure that all of his ingredients were all-natural and ethically-sourced. When he and his team approached us with their unnamed brand and product line, we knew we needed to build a brand strategy that mirrored not only the transparency in which this company operates, but more importantly, encapsulate what it means to the people they created their products for.

First up - we needed to determine the brand DNA. By obsessing about everything our client didn't want the product to be, we could distill everything the product was. Through our stakeholder meetings, it became clear that this startup was founded on something different: Passion. Our competitive analysis led us to the realization that so many of the brands we perceive to be safe and organic are actually making false claims. To stand out, we knew an extremely distinctive brand positioning would be key. The 5 key elements that would remain at the very core of the brand were: fresh, transparent, all-natural, pure, and ethical.

The discovery and research led us to the realization that the name of this company would need to imply strength and unwavering commitment, and the brand as a whole must symbolize morality. And a good moral compass always points… North.

We developed a bold and clean visual identity featuring a compass needle pointing North, embracing purity and morality, while the maple leaf signifies the strength and loyalty of the brand.

The accompanying visual system was chosen to reinforce this spirit, putting nature at the forefront to represent the Company’s values through the purity of nature.

From the people for the Earth

We designed an approach for all facets including understandable ingredient listings and participation in a giving back program, where part of the proceeds from each product will go towards an organization. Jonathan chose the Canadian Parks and Wilderness Society (CPAWS).

Product Naming

We suggested naming each of the products after some of the many treasures in Canadian nature.

This direct association between the physical product and a recognizable point of interest in nature will appeal to the psychology of the consumer and help to influence the path to purchase. Using National Parks and bodies of water, we were able to tie together the lifestyle, the brand promise, and the giving back program.

To bring the new brand to life, we designed product labels and an ecommerce website with key messaging to not only relay the brand personality, but to connect with a socially responsible target audience. The website, combined with the brand and visual identity, evokes an unspoken trust with their consumers. With their ‘no frills’ and honest approach to skincare, we were able to enforce the purity and transparency of their high grade, all-natural products, and clearly define a path for consumers in today’s cluttered skincare market.

What We Delivered

  • Name & Branding
  • Logo & Identity Design
  • E-commerce Website
  • Product Naming
  • Packaging Design
  • Copywriting
  • Marketing Collateral Design
  • Go-to-Market Strategy

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