Lindsay Thurber Comprehensive High School

Refreshed brand identity and messaging for a local Red Deer high school that has been around for over 70 years.

Project Brief

Lindsay Thurber came to us because they realized their marketing no longer showcased their values or what makes them such a great school. They asked us to develop a modern brand identity that properly reflects both diversity and academic success. A lot of schools use buzz-words like diversity, so we wanted to understand what really mattered to the students and what led them to choose Thurber so we could incorporate that into their messaging. Although it was important that the messaging resonates with their various audiences (students, parents, staff, and the Red Deer community,) we identified that it is most crucial that it resonates with the students as they are typically the end decision-maker.

Our Solution

Through various interviews with staff members, as well as surveys for students and teachers, we were able to identify their strengths and convert them into a competitive advantage by identifying what really matters to the client (the students).

Diversity → A Place To Be Yourself
Support → We Help To Boost Your Potential
Find New Friends → Building Stronger Friendships
Course Options → Explore What You Are Good At
Academics → Success Beyond Your Grades
School Culture → Find What Makes You Happy


What We Delivered

  • Brand Strategy
  • Logo Design
  • Brand Identity
  • Brand Messaging


In designing the new logo, the sword was inspired by the school’s mascot and the handle of the sword is a combination of L and T. The sword also represents honour and high achievement. The Laurel wreath is a symbol of Apollo (the patron of sports, arts, and medicine) and the shield symbolizes strength and preparation. To overcome preconceived ideas of the word diversity and what that means, we chose to show diversity through the use of photography rather than blatantly saying that they are diverse. We showed the diversity of the school through photos rather than blatantly saying that they are diverse.

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