Insights & Strategy + Brand Messaging & Identity Design

The Problem

When Econic first came to us they had a great, innovative product but no name, logo, or any branding and struggled to explain exactly what it is that they do.

As they are B2B, they needed to give the impression that they are an established company with the capacity to handle large-scale projects, even though they are ultimately a startup.
They wanted the experience that their “master growers” have in the industry to be reflected in the company’s messaging.

We had to determine how to create a professional brand that connects to their corporate audience, awareness of the brand, and also educate their potential clients on the benefits of this new way of farming.

Our Solution

We began to understand their target audience by developing personas. This aided us in shaping their tone, messaging, and identity. The academic and professional nature of their 3 personas led us to make their brand very established and corporate.

“Scalable Crop Production Anywhere on Earth”

“Our commercial-scale growing systems produce leafy greens in even the harshest of climates. Our master growers have decades of experience to ensure you are optimizing your growth to maximize profits.”

We crafted a concise branded key message that Econic could use to explain what the business is while also outlining their competitive advantage. We developed a sleek logo and imagery that can be used on a wide variety of mediums, which we demonstrated with a range of marketing assets.


What We Delivered

  • Opportunity Analysis
  • Industry Scan
  • Target Audience Personas
  • Competitive Advantage
  • Brand Identity
  • Branded Key Message
  • Logo Design


The name Econic is the combination of “ecological” and “economic” as their growing pods are a solution to harsh environmental conditions as well as a source of profit for communities. It embodies a balance of environmental sustainability (ECO) with the economics of business. It also encompasses the technological aspect with its similarity to the word “bionic”.

The logo we designed represents the latitude of the globe, crop lines, and the letter E. It can be used as a brand icon alone or when the whole company name is shown. It is simple so that it can be used on a variety of mediums including on the side of the growing pods.

During our industry scan, we discovered that all their competition used green and blue as their brand colour palette. This led us to include a unique shade of orange as their main brand colour in their colour palette to stand out, while having green as a secondary colour to still have a strong connection to growth and agriculture. We also found many competitors used complicated illustrations to depict the aspects of the growing pods which is why we created simple, custom icons to be used on the website and company brochure to educate a potential client.

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