Crew IT

Insights & Marketing Strategy + Brand Messaging & Identity Design

Project Brief

When was the last time you said I love my IT team? …We figured. A cool trio of guys came to us with an idea for a spin-off company because they realized that many businesses were lacking a go-to IT team and the great experience that should come with it.

They identified that most companies in Central Alberta are in need of IT support but don’t have enough work to hire a full time IT staff. They built their business to fill that gap. As a small group of techies, they get to know your business, keep your technology running smoothly and come in quickly when you need them.

Their IT company needed a brand identity to reflect their unique approach and their industry expertise; they needed to show the public that although they are a new company, they have decades of experience.

Our Solution

We decided on the name Crew because it was short and memorable (easy to recommend to others) and represented the dedicated nature of the service they would be providing.

Our designer was searching for inspiration to add to her mood board. She had an “aha!” moment when she found a photo from Star Trek with rich shades of blue, yellow, and purple. This melody of colours seemed to give the cool vaporwave aesthetic that she was after, and stood out from the typical greens and navys used across the industry.

Also, a rocketship and a crew go hand-in-hand so it was basically fate. A rocketship, a power button, the three founders, and a “C” for Crew all came together to form the little icon in their logo that could be used across all their future marketing activities.


What We Delivered

  • Marketing Strategy
  • Opportunity Analysis
  • Industry Scan
  • Target Audience Personas
  • Competitive Advantage
  • Brand Identity
  • Branded Key Message
  • Logo Design

Brand Messaging that works!

Their brand needed to be professional to appeal to their B2B audience, yet still approachable enough to reflect their likeable and supportive team. A brand is really about how you feel when you think of the company, so we imagined a panicked business owner scrambling on a Google Search because his computer crashed. We wanted the brand to feel simplistic enough to put him at ease instead of fueling his panic and confusion.

“The tech team that boosts your business.”

We wanted Crew’s messaging to reflect that they’re more than the IT company you call when your servers are down, they’re your tech team. They don’t just fix a tech problem, they help your company work more efficiently and make all your jobs easier. It’s their forward-thinking approach, communicative and approachable team, and their full transparency that makes them stand out in their industry.

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