Multi-channel marketing campaign promoting on-campus living at Olds College

Project Brief

CHOC came to us to help build awareness for on-campus living. Their main goal was to increase the number of applications they were receiving. Through our initial research, we identified that the target audience for this campaign would be both parents and students. The student is likely the final decision maker with the parent providing a positive influence on their final decision. Our efforts focused on strategically dividing the messaging into various digital and traditional communication channels.

Our Solution

Students today, especially Gen Z, have an easier time making decisions when they can see how that decision has impacted someone else. Parents, who are influencing the final decision, feel more comfortable when they can visualize their children’s success based on the experiences of other students.

The Reaction team went to Olds College and conducted interviews and photo shoots to get authentic stories and visuals of students living on campus. By using real stories told by real people in the multi-channel campaign, we created an emotional connection between the reader and the storyteller. An emotional connection creates a trust-building experience, which builds a strong driver for decision making.


What We Delivered

  • Multi-Channel Campaign Strategy
  • Print Material
  • Campaign Design
  • Email Marketing
  • Social Ads
  • Engagement Social Posts


We ensured that the multi-channel campaign had a consistent feel so that potential students would have a seamless experience from their social, to their website, to their on-campus open house.

We chose different terms to emotionally connect with our audience so each ad would appeal to the demographic we were targeting.

For students: Community, Connection, Opportunity, and Convenience.
For parents: Privacy, Safety, and Support.

To create urgency for our audience we set up retargeting ads to reach parents and students who previously visited the CHOC website. We also used geo-targeted ads to narrow down the audience based on interests and directly target students who have been accepted to the college.

The campaign will run multiple times throughout the year so we structured the assets in a way that allows for new stories to be added as time goes on. By selecting students in varying programs and of varying ethnicities, the ads will continue to connect with their audience for each campaign.

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