Arrow Health & Pharmacy

Insights & Strategy, Brand Identity, and Website

Arrow Health & Pharmacy was entering into a whole new market. They wanted to launch an online pharmacy where customers could get their medication prescribed and delivered, without ever leaving the house.

Project Brief

This company reached out to us to help position their company in the market, create a brand and build a website to help them bring their vision to life.

Their messaging was especially important because for many of their customers this is a new type of service and they would have a lot of questions about how it works.

They were also worried that customers might have a false perception of online pharmacies and may think they’re operating overseas, so that was another challenge to overcome.

From our initial research, we identified that they needed to be built from the ground up. We provided them with a 12-Month Action plan on how to launch their new company, initially focusing on the foundation (company name, logo, brand image) to their core marketing assets (website and marketing channel strategy), and through to how to promote and fuel their business growth through advertisements and micro-influencers.

We knew that retention would be a huge factor for Arrow so we also provided a plan to help them keep customers, such as automatic prescription refill reminders and helpful seasonal emails.


What We Delivered

  • Target Audience/Personas
  • Competitive Advantage
  • Branded Key Message
  • New Company Name & Logo
  • Platform Strategy
  • Website

The Result

We created a modern, fun and professional brand that creates trust with the customer. We wanted Arrow to feel like your usual neighbourhood pharmacy, just conveniently online, so we chose simple imagery that feels approachable and instills trust. We ensured that the messaging quickly explained the capabilities of Arrow, outlined the benefit, and stayed ahead of their customer’s questions.

We determined who their 3 main personas are so that we could get in their mindset and figure out their wants, as well as what marketing channels they would be on. We worked with them to identify that their organic social posts would likely be talking to a smaller target audience of busy working women which allowed us to come up with a platform strategy focused on creating a connection with them. We determined the frequency and recommended post types for each platform and how to strategically plan out the year (e.g. back to school and flu season in the fall and travel medication tips in the winter).

To tie it all together, we designed a website that is easy to use, creates trust with their customers, and generates qualified leads for the company. The website was built with mobile users at the forefront knowing that most of their advertising will be directed from their social platforms such as Facebook or LinkedIn.

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