2019 Westerner Days

A multi-channel marketing campaign, event website and annual theme/brand revisions.

Project Brief

To build excitement every year, Westerner Days Fair & Exposition undergoes a total campaign revamp to reflect the spirit of each year’s festival. Reaction has worked with Westerner Park for the last 7 years to come up with the annual campaign concept as well as accompanying strategy, assets, and website refresh with the festival’s new look and feel. In 2019, Westerner Park returned to us for a multi-channel marketing campaign to reach their target audiences with a new theme that ties in with the Westerner brand, while highlighting the variety of things to do at the festival (midway, entertainment, agriculture, etc.)

Our Solution

“Well Worth The Ride” was the winning tagline for the 2019 Westerner Days. The look and feel of the campaign boasted sugar-sweet carnival fun with cotton candy-coloured overlays, iconic carnival elements, and visuals of families having an absolute blast. We updated their assets and website to reflect the theme and ensured that the campaign concept would be easy for the client to implement in house.


What We Delivered

  • Campaign Concept
  • Marketing Assets
  • Website Design & Annual Updates


Belt buckles, stars, and candy are just some examples of subtle imagery that we used throughout the campaign to evoke that “carnival” feel of this year’s festival. We honed in on their target audience of young families with the “Well Worth The Ride” campaign concept with messaging and imagery that showed having a memorable day of laughter is well worth the ride. This theme also carried over to targeting their secondary audience: teenagers looking for a fun day with friends to do something fun and of course, worth sharing on their Instagram story! It’s well worth the ride for a day on the midway, a free concert, and a year’s fill of mini donuts.

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