What Makes a Great Marketing Plan

Every service company knows that people do business with companies that they know, like, and trust and this is true more than ever with so many alternatives available to your clients.

A great marketing plan will provide strategic focus, tactical direction, and allow you to measure the results as well as your progress along the way.

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Goals & Objectives

More qualified leads? Increased website traffic? Higher engagement on social media? We start out by defining what you want to achieve and how to measure that using the right KPIs for your business.

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Target Audience

Who your audience is, their customer journey, and what their barriers and motivating factors are, all contribute to their decision making. Knowing what your customers want and what they need can put you 2 steps ahead of your competition.

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Competitive Analysis

Looking at top competitors allows us to discover how you should be positioning your brand to exceed the standard that has been set in your industry. We then look to larger players outside of your market, or even outside of your industry, to find inspiration and best practices that we can bring to your business and marketing.

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Customer Journey Map

It’s important to understand exactly how your customers are interacting with your business. We work to identify touchpoints your target audience has with your brand and discover areas of opportunity where we can further improve your client's overall experience with your business.

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Content Strategy Workshop

This collaborative workshop brings us all together to plan and prioritize the content being produced. We look at what important information needs to be represented, the actions we want users to take, and prioritizing content based on customer needs.

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Platform Strategies

Email, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube, your website and blog. We’ll prioritize where to focus your digital efforts and give you custom strategies designed specifically for each platform.

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Strategic Direction

We look at how to position your business compared to your competition, provide insights based on our research, and define areas of opportunity to improve your brand position in a digital world.

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1-Year Marketing Action Plan

A 12-month plan that explains which marketing activities you should be focused on over the next year. We provide you with a detailed platform strategy and a 1-on-1 workshop session with our team.

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Follow-up Coaching & Support

We always offer continued support and assistance after any campaign or strategy has been created. You can reach out to us at any time with questions about how to best execute your plan to get maximum results.

What Now?

Now that you have the tools you need to execute your digital marketing strategy, you just need to decide how to do it.


If you’re confident (and have the time) to run your own social media, we’ll hand you a finished 12-month plan that anyone on your staff can pick up and implement. We give you all the tools necessary to succeed on your own.

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Us (VMT)

If you don’t have the time or confidence to run your social media, we can handle everything, acting as your virtual marketing team. Working with us, you will have access to our full team of experts who can handle everything from email marketing to social campaigns.

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