It’s hard to keep up with everything it takes to market your business in 2020. Our marketing accelerator program ensures that your business is set up for success at an accelerated rate.



We conduct interviews with key stakeholders, complete a competitive analysis, and uncover your competitive advantage and target audience. This ensures that all future marketing is designed to stand out in your industry and specifically communicate to your ideal client.



Your brand is much more than a logo, it represents who you are and what sets you apart from your competition. Our branding program is a mixture of clarifying your message, crafting your identity, and expressing your brand in a way that connects to clients.


Marketing Plan

We develop a marketing plan outlining how to reach and communicate to your clients while consistently providing value to them. We create a plan of attack that breaks down the priority of where to focus efforts and what concrete actions to implement in order to carry out this strategy.


Website that grows with your business

Your website shouldn’t need a redesign every few years. It should be able to iterate around the growth of your company and be optimized using real data of site visitors as time passes. We break the redesign cycle by setting up your website in a way that it will serve you for years in the future and ensures that your potential clients don’t fall through the cracks.

The moment Reaction Marketing helped BRAND our company and create our website – we entered into a long term relationship. Currently, REaction Marketing manages everything from social media to our special projects. We couldn’t be happier….

Canadian Engineered Wood Products


Don’t waste your time searching and hiring someone for each specific project, our multidisciplinary team will handle all aspects of your marketing.

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