October 25, 2019

What Are Marketing Personas And Why Do You Need Them?

Make your marketing more effective with personas that reflect your ideal clients.

When a company tries to be everything to everyone, they begin to water down their value proposition. Their messaging becomes too broad and vague with taglines like “Quality and Customer Service“ or “Serving You For 50 Years” and their marketing won’t connect with anyone.

“When you speak to everyone, you speak to no one.” – Meredith Hill

It’s important to understand who your ideal client is so that you can ensure your marketing efforts reach and connect with them. This leads to the highest number of qualified leads.

What Is a Persona?

A representation of your ideal client based on market research and real data. A persona outlines your target audience’s demographics, buying behaviour, and motives.

The number of personas for a business typically range from 2-4

Why Do You Need Personas?

Without understanding who you’re marketing to, your strategy could be entirely wrong. From the channels you’re marketing on to the language you’re using – someone who would use your services either won’t see it or won’t connect to it if your marketing isn’t properly strategized for them.

  • Personas help the team share a consistent understanding of the user group, whether they’re working on the brand, website, or social media posts.
  • When crafting content, you can visualize the user and ensure that the material is something they would like and want to see.
  • When creating a brand, think about what personality you want to portray and what your target audience would be attracted to.
  • During the development of your website, think of the questions that your target has and ensure the main questions are answered in your website. Use a tone and messaging that would connect with them

At Reaction, Our Personas Are:

Brad, Cody, and Amy, Reactions Personas

Everything from the language we use, to what content is included on our website, to the subjects of the blogs we write – everything is crafted with these individuals in mind.

We outline your key personas when we delve deep into your target audience as part of our digital marketing program.