June 7, 2018

The Kick-Ass Approach to Reviewing Website Design

Forget about what you think– it’s what your customers think that matters

Having someone build you a visually appealing website isn’t enough. It’s important to ensure that the designer understands your goals and incorporates research into the design for your website to aid in achieving those goals.

Award-winning art director and designer Dan Mall thinks designing websites should be more like a pitch-black dining experience: your designer should go to great lengths to evoke the flavour of your business. In this talk, he walks you through how strategic planning and smart feedback can help you get the website that grows your business and generates more leads.

“Proper Etiquette for the Advancement of Design” by Dan Mall

The Talk

Dan starts by highlighting that a designer’s role is not only to make websites look good—it’s also about laying the groundwork for you to understand their work. But as business owners and marketers, we also need to learn how to review their work and provide valuable feedback.

When you and your team decide to redesign your website, the first step is to determine your objectives—a.k.a. the website’s goals. Remember to ask these questions:

  1. Why do we want to redesign the site?
  2. Why redesign the site now?
  3. How will we know if the new site is better than the old one?
Why does it matter?

It’s the business’s responsibility to identify their main priorities from an organizational level before having a website or app built if they want those assets to aid in achieving their goals. A simple “here’s what we’re going to do and what it will take us to get there” can do wonders. Setting the table properly not just helps with misunderstandings, but also encourages us to start noticing the right elements.

How do you do it?

According to Dan, all you have to do is talk to people. He thinks that design is about the look and art direction is about the feel. The last one gives substance and adds humanity to design—and that’s what you should be aiming for. To make sure the website your team is designing (or re-designing) has the right feel, ask yourself this one simple question:

Does this site feel like the future of your company?

Our Thoughts

At Reaction, we think it’s crucial to find out your KPIs (your key performance indicators) so that we can confirm what a successful project looks like to you. Since you are the industry expert, our teams count on your opinion to guarantee your success looks the same on both ends

We never take a one-size-fits-all approach to website design. We always think about your target audience and what they would feel when visiting the site. All design aspects we incorporate have specific rationale behind them and we encourage businesses to ask their designer why they chose a certain colour or how they came to develop a logo. There should always be reasoning behind why it was chosen and how it’s intended to make your audience feel.