January 9, 2020

Marketing Trends & Predictions for 2021

Being in the world of digital marketing, the landscape is ever-changing and we always want to keep our clients a step ahead of the game.

Being in the world of digital marketing, the landscape is ever-changing and we always want to keep our clients a step ahead of the game. Our team got together and hashed out what we predict to be the biggest trends of 2021.

Increasing Expectations Of Video

Users’ expectations of video content are going to continue to increase, but not in terms of production quality. The public is becoming increasingly ad averse. Highly-produced, long-form video content that feels like an ad likely won’t resonate with a user scrolling through their social feed, they’ll whip right past it. Now, the entertainment factor is #1, it has to be authentic, fast-paced and clever. Start by filming video content on your phone for social media, it can get more refined over time!

Rude Awakening For Organic Social

Organic growth through pages will require life support and that life support is boosted posts. Basically, the Facebook “algorithm” works in favour of the person consuming the content, so if your content isn’t absolutely top-notch and engaging, it won’t reach a ton of people, especially outside of your usual audience. Even a post that may be strong will likely need to be supplemented with a “boosting” budget if you want to increase the number of people seeing your content and grow your Page’s audience.

Increasing Facebook Ad Costs

“Increasing Facebook Ad Costs”… It sounds pessimistic, we know, but actually: it’s still the gold rush period! Although the costs of running ads on Facebook (and Instagram) are ever-increasing, they’re still underpriced. A few years from now, you’ll look back and wish you had have been taking advantage of this.

Increasing Need To Diversify And Bring In Specialists

Service companies are waking up and taking advantage of the channels and methods to reach potential clients online. The competitive landscape is becoming so complex that businesses will either have to outsource to a virtual marketing department or a slew of contractors. It will become more and more important to not rely on one just 1 or 2 methods of reaching your audience. 

A friend of Reaction was running her own Facebook Business Page, she was the only admin, her personal Facebook was hacked and her Page was taken down. Incidents like this can be detrimental to a business if it’s the only method you have in place to reach your clients. 

LinkedIn Growth Potential

LinkedIn has undergone a huge transformation over the past few years and is in the stages of becoming a more conversational platform around business-related topics. The opportunity for growth and post reach is really strong, especially with personal pages. It’s definitely the time to be putting out educational and entertaining content and building your audience on there. We predict in 2021 that the opportunity for growth on LinkedIn will reach its peak and then plateau.

Increasing SEO Competition

For a lot of businesses, most new clients find them via Google Search. If their industry relies heavily on this and they can’t get past page 10 of Google, getting new clients will obviously be a struggle. A recent client of ours was saying that as soon as he hit the #1 spot on Google, he couldn’t handle the amount of business. However, it’s not a hit it and quit it situation, his business will have to continue to publish blogs, update web content, and employ other SEO strategies to keep their top spot. This year and into the foreseeable future, it will become even more important to have a strong SEO strategy.

Ready To Crush 2021?

Keep in mind that although many service-based businesses are competing online, many of them are not excelling in all these avenues. The more strategic you are with your digital marketing, the more chance you have for a competitive edge. If you want your digital marketing strategy to be optimized for 2021, check out our Marketing Strategy program.