September 4, 2019

How to Choose the Right Social Media Platform for Your Service Company

Are you posting about your business in the wrong places? A guide on choosing the right social media platform for your business.

Nikki Tighe

“There are so many social media platforms these days, how am I supposed to keep up with all of them?”

It’s simple… don’t. Different platforms have different demographics and serve different purposes. It is much more valuable to find the right platform for your business and to do it well, than to be a hot mess on all of them.

If you’re a renovation company, you would likely have a higher ROI on Instagram displaying your visually-appealing remodelling than tweeting people about it. If you’re a company that regularly hosts events, you would be better served by a Facebook Page than an Instagram Profile because of Facebook’s Event feature.

Panicked that you’ve been in the wrong place? Keep reading to find out which platform your business should be on for the best ROI.


You might want to save this infographic to quickly reference later, but keep reading for the full scope.

Social media platform breakdown


The high school reunion you didn’t ask for.

It’s pretty impossible to escape community-related content on Facebook, so if you’re a company that serves your local community, that’s great news. It is especially great for organizations that host local events.

Demographics: All ages, 53% female

Format: Text, image, and video

Post Frequency: 1-2 posts a day

Great For: Promoting local events and building community


Your main goal on Instagram is to look good. But you probably knew that already.

If what you’re selling is very visual. If what you’re selling isn’t visual but visual branding or influencer marketing is key to your business, you can be there too.

Demographics: Mostly 18 – 29, 56% female

Format: Image and video

Post Frequency: 1 post a day

Great For: Showcasing products and visual branding


The cocktail party of the social media world.

(It’s the place to discuss current events and the weather, and when things get a little crazy after a few drinks, reply with a GIF or two.)

If your business offerings are applicable to what’s happening RIGHT NOW, you should be on Twitter so that you can newsjack. Picture this: it’s hailing golf balls in Red Deer, people are tweeting about it and comparing the sizes of their frozen rain chunks, you (an insurance agency) hop in the conversation (using the relevant hashtag) with an article about what to do after a hail storm. Timely and relevant. Much better than randomly posting it on a sunny day.

Demographics: Mostly 18 – 29, 52% male

Format: Text, sometimes with supporting image/video

Post Frequency: 3-10 tweets a day

Great For: News, PR, and making connections


“I don’t know how to do this… I’ll YouTube it.”

Plumbers, mudjackers, makeup artists; I’m talking to you. Even if it’s not something the viewer would necessarily be able to do themselves, it’s cool to see your process. Post all your how-to and behind-the-scenes videos here.

Demographics: All ages, 50% male and female

Format: Video

Post Frequency: 1 video a week

Great For: Solving problems with how-to tutorials


A scrapbooking club for moms.

Okay.. Pinterest isn’t all middle-aged women, but they’re definitely there.

Unlike some other platforms, Pinterest doesn’t hate links. You can attach a link to every “Pin” you post. This makes it great for linking to blogs.

Demographics: Median age is 40, 80% female

Format: Image

Post Frequency: 30 pins a day

Great For: Driving traffic to blogs.


“I don’t need social media, my business is B2B.”

Have you heard of LinkedIn?! That place is bursting with business owners.

Even if your business is strictly B2B, there is always a person behind a decision, and that person is likely on LinkedIn. Share your expertise and industry stories here… and motivational quotes, business-centric people love a good quote.

Demographics: Mostly 25 – 54, 56% male

Format: Text with image

Post Frequency: 1-2 posts a day

Great For: B2B lead generation and recruiting


Don’t waste your time and energy being somewhere that your audience isn’t, or breaking platform standards and looking like a newbie. Find out where your audience is and be there in an effective manner.

For an expansion on this topic, send us an email at [email protected] so you can start popping up in your audience’s feeds.

And if you don’t know who your audience is… definitely give us a call.