July 1, 2018

Has Cultural Conditioning Made its Way Into Our Marketing?

We Live In a Society

Cultural conditioning affects every aspect of our lives, it’s the way the world shapes our perceptions – everything from the media you consume to the people you spend time with. This kind of conditioning is natural but it can sometimes blind us to new ways of thinking. Rand Fishkin, Co-Founder of Moz, is asking businesses to look at their current SEO and marketing practices and ask, “have we been conditioned to do our marketing one way?”

The Talk

Fishkin begins by telling us an “invisible giant is mucking up our marketing.” The invisible giant is cultural conditioning, the society we live and work in biases all our actions and beliefs, including our marketing.

Marketing culture leads us to believe that investments must be measurable. Some of the easiest-to-measure channels include pay-per-click advertising (PPC), social media campaigns, and retargeting/remarketing advertising, as they provide metrics and analytics tools.

The hardest-to-measure channels include word of mouth and organic social reach, it’s more difficult to determine what the exact return on investment is with these campaigns. We’ve been culturally conditioned to believe that if it’s not ROI-positive today it’s not going to be tomorrow. Fishkin encourages looking for a trajectory, if something isn’t performing well today but you can see it has the potential to grow over time, don’t give up on it.

Our Thoughts

The key takeaway is that we’ve been conditioned to believe that measurable campaigns are the best, most efficient way to be achieving our marketing goals, even though alternative approaches may be more effective. So the next time you are planning a marketing strategy or campaign be aware of how cultural conditioning may be affecting your choices.