May 15, 2020

Guide – The Best Date & Time to Post on Social Media

The answer might be surprising and could make you think twice before hitting that "publish" button.

Derek Szyszka

Is There a Best Time to Publish a Social Media Post?

The word “best” can lead you down some confusing paths.

Let’s think of a basic Facebook post. Friday afternoons and weekends statistically attract more total users to the social network. Meaning, there are more potential opportunities for people to see a post as the overall Facebook user activity is highest.

This, however, does not mean that all posts should go out towards the tail end of the week! The primary objective and expected outcome of your post should definitely have an influence on the date and time of your social media publications.

Try to Post When Your Target Audience Is Most Active

Let’s say you’re trying to market a product to busy moms with younger kids. Using the example above, their Friday nights and weekend time are likely occupied with family activates rather than solo screen time.

Maybe business owners and executives are your target audience, and you’re trying to promote a new service. A business person is not in the correct state of mind to be signing up for a new service over the weekend.

A great content marketing plan consists of a pile of resources and tools, including Audience Personas, which are a detailed breakdown of client/customer types in your target market.

Don’t Try to Chase the Algorithm

Despite what some may claim, there is no magic number of posts to make or “hacks” you can perform to ensure that your content is seen by the people you want to see them.

Companies like Facebook, LinkedIn (Microsoft), Twitter, and YouTube (Google) have robust systems designed to show content that will keep users on the platform for as long as possible.

If large groups of users like and interact with the content you post, regardless of the time of day, the platform is designed to show them more of your posts in the future and expand the post’s reach to more people. In turn, tossing aside many post time best practices.

If you have something meaningful to share, don’t wait until Tuesday morning at 7:30 am to post it.

Derek Szyszka

Content Is King

When I started my career in digital marketing many years ago, Tuesday mornings showed the highest average net post results on Facebook for engagement and conversions.

Your social media strategy, business goals, and target audience all play a role in how you should be marketing your business online.

Key Takeaway:

  • There is no “best time” to post on any social platform
  • Identify your target audience and what time they’re most active
  • Don’t let the feed algorithm’s trick you
  • If you have meaningful content to share, press that “publish” button