September 10, 2014

Building a Landing Page Worth Landing On

What’s on your landing page? Is it easy to understand? Does it provide the right information?

You should first ask yourself why users are visiting your landing page. What is the drive for visiting the page, and is my page easy to understand? You always want to make sure your offer is bold, easy to read, short and gets right to the point. Everyone skims over content, flies through their Twitter feed, and only stops at information they find valuable and interesting… so give them that! You have approximately 8 seconds to grab the attention of your visitor before they leave your page, so make it worthwhile for people to visit your site. You want to inspire confidence by using useful, relevant, and rich content to grow trust in your company and brand.


Your landing page needs a purpose and should provide a reason for your visitors to read on. A CTA, or Call to Action, can be presented in many different ways. The next steps should always be visible and your navigation bar should have minimal options. Make sure you minimize the number of exit points from your landing page and always drive visitors back to your website. Why would you want them going anywhere else?

Colors and Words

Different colors evoke different emotions in your users and can change the way they see your company and brand. You want to pair these emotions with bold lettering that leads your visitor’s right to the answer they were seeking out. Make sure the colors you choose are bright, attractive, and create an obvious focal point for your user. Be classy… not cheesy. A great way to get your point across is to use alluring headlines that showcase your main point. Pair this with subheadings and bullet points. Bullet points are a great way to pass along information in a quick and easy way.


People want to know that your product works, it is worth investing in, and your clients are willing to put their necks out there for your company. This is a great way to build trust and long lasting relationships with your clients and attract new ones to promote your business. Post 3-4 testimonials per page to make your client’s claims legit and worthwhile. Don’t freak out if you don’t have testimonials just yet, that’s ok! This should be incentive for you to get going and give your clients a shout. People are usually pretty good about sharing that they had a great experience, and they will usually be more than happy to share this information for you to use.

Keywords, Keywords, Keywords

Think about how you would like to be found on Google. What words you are using on your page? What will be searching for to find you on the web? The words people use to search should match up with the words you are using on your landing page. This reassures visitors they are on the right track and they have found exactly what they were searching for. For Example if you were promoting a sale on ice, you wouldn’t use words that would promote fire right? Keep in mind the product or service you are providing and use words that support your campaign.

Thank You Page

The last step to ensuring that you have a successful landing page it to create a ‘Thank You’ page. This should automatically pop up once your visitor completes your asks on the landing page. Once you ask your visitor to complete a task (fill out a form after claiming a content offer, subscribing to your newsletter, etc), you need to build their ego up and thank them! This starts to build trust with your client and allows you to make suggestions of other related links or products they might be interested in. Why not drive them back to your website by providing information that links them to your blog? Make your visitor feel like their visit to your site has not gone unnoticed. This is the beginning of a long relationship with your new friend.


In the end, you want to make sure your landing page has relevant content and serves a direct purpose for your visitors. Always keep in mind that you have to pair context with content to ensure an excellent and educational read for your visitors. Extend the reach of your landing page by keeping the call-to-action visible, clear, and easy to use. Remember that this is a person who is searching and seeking out your company, so treat them well and start converting those leads!