January 13, 2020

A Guide To Getting Your đź’©Together Over The Holidays

The winter holidays are a perfect time to get you and your business geared up for the new year!

What do content marketers use to wrap Christmas presents?… White Papers.

Why can’t business owners go Christmas carolling?… Because they all fight over the leads.

Okay, okay, jokes aside, over this holiday season, we’ve got 12 value-packed tips to help you ramp up your business as you get ready for the new year. Kick back, grab a cup of coffee (Baileys is optional) and get ready to crush 2020!

1. Write down How You Would Describe Your Business to a Potential New Client

In a couple short sentences, try to explain what your business specializes in, and how you solve your clients’ problems.

We are all victims of what we refer to as the “curse of knowledge” which can lead us to over-complicating what our business’s purpose is.

Write out these 2-3 sentences, store them in the back of your memory and the next time someone asks what you do, recite the sleek explanation you’ve developed.

2. Reply to Your Recent Google Reviews (Both Good and Bad)

Be it B2B or B2C, when a past client takes the time to share the experience they’ve had with your business, that effort should be reciprocated. We recommend replying to all incoming reviews.

If you haven’t kept up responding, go through your last 3 months of reviews and leave thoughtful responses.

Not sure what to write back in return? Our blog on the best practices for handling reviews will definitely help you get started.

Magnifying glass

3. Review Your Website

Pretend you’re a potential client browsing your website for the first time.

  • Does the text on the home page clearly (and quickly!) explain who you are and what you do?
  • Are there recent, authentic visuals or are you still using stock photos or pictures of old staff that they won’t encounter in real life? 

Make a list of action items to work through on your website in the new year.

Shaking hands

4. Reach out to Your Best Clients

Marketing is a tool set that supports all aspects of business and sales. The primary objective of showing gratitude to a handful of great clients isn’t to slip in a mini sales pitch. It is to genuinely say “Hey, our team really enjoyed working with you on XYZ, and we wanted to sincerely thank you for your business”. That’s it. That’s all.

This simple marketing strategy is about building relationships and trust with your ideal clientele. This can transform an everyday client into a brand advocate and even stronger supporter of your business.

Open book with a light bulb in the center

5. Look Back at Your Year and Reflect on Five Things You Have Learned

Learning is experience. Everything else is just information.
– Albert Einstein

It’s easy to get caught up in day-to-day operations. The end of the year is a perfect time to take a step back and look at the bigger lessons learned.

Was there a pinnacle moment when it rained success? What factors led to that?

Were there some mistakes made and your team had to scramble to save a project? Avoid the blame and instead focus on how can you can improve your processes and avoid the same blunders in the future.


6. Create Templated Emails to Make Your Sales Process Easier

Whether it’s during the initial inquiry phase or a follow-up after the sale, if you find yourself routinely sending the same types of emails, your business could greatly benefit from a few basic templates.

Most popular email services like Gmail and Outlook have built-in template functions that are basic but will still get the job done. If you’re looking for something a little more advanced, we use a dedicated program called Text Expander that can automatically insert small to large snippets of text by simply typing out a predetermined text prompt.

Play button

7. Watch This Inspiring Business and Marketing Video

This is a keynote you definitely don’t want to miss! Canadian author, marketer, and business guru Scott Stratten breaks down the cost attached to customer experiences, marketing to new demographics, and so much more!

Writing an article

8. Write and Publish a LinkedIn Article on Your Personal Account

The organic reach of LinkedIn content has never been higher. With the right tactics, a profile with just a few hundred connections can post an article and have it seen 1,000+ times.

Not sure what to publish? Here are a few ideas to help get you started:

  • Your thoughts on the current state of your industry
  • A story of a success or failure you’ve had and what you learned from it
  • Answering common questions about your industry and your business

Bonus tip: Share your personal Linkedin article on your company page for increased reach!

Delightful party

9. Think of Three Ways You Can Delight Your Existing Clients to Foster Long-Term Business Relationships

Client retention is an aspect of business that is often overlooked, and most companies commonly allocate their resources to solely acquiring new sales leads.

However, shifting a portion of those resources to retaining (by delighting) your existing clientele can be an easy and cost-effective way to generate repeat business.


10. Come up with One Thing You Can Do That Will Make Your Clients’ Lives Easier

Do you receive quite a few calls after regular operating hours? Maybe you need a 24/7 live chat or dedicated texting line.

Having trouble coordinating meetings at convenient times? Try a service like Calendly to remove the back-and-forth communication.

Trash can

11. Perform Some Digital Housekeeping

Keeping your digital assets organized is equally important as having a tidy office/workspace. 

Downloads Folder 

  • Archive or delete all unneeded pictures, zip files, PDFs, etc.
  • Move any files needing to be saved to the corresponding default folder on your computer such as Documents, Pictures, Music, Videos

Email Inbox 

  • Unsubscribe from all unwanted or spam emails
  • Archive or delete all unneeded emails from your inbox
  • Create custom filters/rules to categorize your incoming emails. Internal, Clients, and Newsletters are three categories to start with

Computer Desktop

  • Delete all unused shortcuts
  • Move all saved files to the corresponding folder on your computer (just like you did in your downloads folder)
Reading a blog

12. Read This Blog on How Service-Based Businesses Should Be Marketing in 2020

Many service companies are too focused on what they do and forget to make sure they’re communicating their value in a way their clients will respond to.

In our blog, we outline the benefits of service companies productizing their services and shifting their business to a subscription-based model.