March 24, 2015

A Basic Guide to Social Media Image Sizing

Learn the best practices for managing image sizes for social media platforms.

It seems that every corner we turn, there’s a new guideline to follow in every other social platform. As soon as we familiarize ourselves with one trend, there’s another one coming straight at us. You have to move fast in today’s ever-evolving social media world; it’s either keep up or be forgotten.

One trend that seems to be here to stay, however, is visual content. We can’t say we’re surprised. I mean- who doesn’t love a good picture? Visual content is a crucial component to content marketing. According to Citrix, photos make up a giant 63% chunk of social media.

However, one question we as marketers often overlook is, “What is the optimal size of a photo for each social platform?” We typically find ourselves continuing on in our efforts without even realizing that the size and shape of that “awesome photo that is guaranteed to get a ton of traction” influences how the image will appear in a social stream. This – what seems as an innocent and minor oversight – translates into the potential of that awesome photo not really getting much traction at all. Or visibility, for that matter.

To keep up with this heavy hitting trend, we’ve gathered a few basic guidelines for optimal image sizes across social platforms. Just as the trends change in the blink of an eye, so do the dimensions. We can’t guarantee these will still be relevant a year from now. Heck- even two months from now! Either way, are you sizing your visual content correctly?