May 29, 2019

7 Things Your Business Should Do in Summer 2019

Don’t just survive the slow seasons, take advantage of them.

The relaxed summer months are the perfect opportunity to take steps to improve your business and set yourself up for future success. Take advantage of your decluttered mind to upgrade your website and optimize your marketing strategy. Follow these steps to have new clients lined up for your services when your busy season comes around.

1. Grow Your Network

Woohoo! It’s “actually willing to leave your house” weather. Take advantage of the barbeques and additional networking events to meet new people and build your list of contacts, and don’t forget to add them on LinkedIn afterwards. Send a quick email to any potential clients asking if they’d be willing to go for a quick iced coffee. If there is anyone that you’ve been wanting to connect with in person, they’re probably more likely to say yes when it’s nice outside.

2. Update Your Website

Is your website mobile friendly? Is it optimized for search engines? Is it so outdated that it hurts to look at? It may be time to call in the pros to do a little revamping. Ensure your website is up to date with your latest services and that it’s effectively driving leads.

3. Optimize Your Online Presence

Evaluate which platforms you’re on to make sure they align with your business, its goals and your target audience (link to best platform blog). Update your social profiles: make sure your summer business hours are listed, your bio and “About” sections properly reflect what your business does, and your display and cover images are updated. Engage with others: support other local businesses by following them and engaging with their content, they will likely return the favour.

4. Build Up Your Reviews/Testimonials

People are undeniably more chill in the summer. Reach out to past clients asking if they would consider writing you a review. Make it easy and send them a link to exactly where you would like them to leave the review; we’re sure they wouldn’t mind typing something quick up while they sip a margarita on their deck.

5. Refine Business Processes

Do some quick investigative work to figure out where time is being wasted. Think about how to streamline your sales process for a potential new client and do some business process mapping to ensure that your internal workings are as efficient as they can be.

6. Plan Ahead

Get ahead of the game! Write and schedule some blogs and social media posts for the Fall. This would also be a great time to revisit your Strategic Marketing Plan (or create one) so that you’re ready to crush your business goals for the rest of the year.

7. Research Your Competitors

Spend some downtime creeping the competition. Check out their website, branding, social, etc. Read their reviews; what are they good at? Where are they lacking? This can help you figure out how you can position your brand to make sure you stand out from the competition.


Just because you may be in a slow month doesn’t mean that you should sleep now and scramble when things pick up. Get ahead of the game, especially with your marketing.

Whether you need a website refresh, or Strategic Marketing Plan, we can help you out.