July 9, 2019

5 Updates to Gain More Leads From Your Website in 2019

Is your website not serving its purpose? These content updates will help.

Mike Szyszka


Your website is your business’s digital property on the internet. It’s important that its content makes the user want to do business with you.

1. Make Sure Your Messaging Is Easy To Understand

When someone lands on your website they don’t want to read through your entire website to understand who you are. The human brain is drawn to clarity, so your homepage should explain in a concise sentence or very brief paragraph: who you are, what you do, and the value you can offer them.

2. Focus On Your Client

Is the wording on your website a little too “all about you?” Do you talk about your company’s history more than how you’re going to help your client?

Adjust your content to focus on how you are going to make your client’s life better or job easier. Create a connection by showing them that you understand their current problems and highlight the steps on how your business can solve them. We recommend looking into Donald Miller’s StoryBrand method; the customer should be the hero and you should be the guide.

3. Don’t Make Your Clients Guess What Makes You Great

Why should they choose you over your competition? Define your competitive advantage (how you stand out compared to your competition) and make sure you have it on your homepage as well as mentioned throughout your website.

4. Add Social Proof

Build trust by showing how others have worked with your business through case studies, testimonials, and logos of businesses you’ve worked with.

5. Create A Strong Call To Action To Contact Your Business

How do your clients get in contact with you? What is the primary action you want them to take?. We recommend having a call-to-action consistently in the right-hand corner of your site so that it’s always accessible while a user is browsing. Don’t create fear of the unknown; if you have a form you want them to complete, help by explaining what will happen after they fill it out.

Don’t Worry, Content For Service Companies Is What We Do

At Reaction, strong messaging is the foundation of all of our websites. We conduct stakeholder interviews and a full industry scan to understand your authentic competitive advantage and define your branded key message. These are crucial in communicating your value to potential clients.

We build growth-driven websites, so that your website can grow alongside your company and serve you for years to come.