June 27, 2019

5 LinkedIn Personal Profile Secrets No One is Talking About

5 quick and easy tips on how to instantly update your personal LinkedIn presence

Derek Szyszka


In many ways, people are talking about LinkedIn in 2019 the same way they did about Facebook back in 2011. Even if you can’t consider yourself an early adopter (LinkedIn was founded in 2002) this is still great insight that should be taken seriously for industry professionals and businesses alike.

1. Join Groups

This will let you engage with people who are in your target audience that are not labelled as your friends or “connections”. Being a part of a group also gives you permission to reach out to individual group members directly, this would otherwise require a Premium account to do.

2. Build Out Your Profile

Know the character limit for each field in your bio and use every last character! LinkedIn will show you the total limit as you write in each field. This allows you to repeat keywords that are critical to being found.

3. Share Your Opinion

Simply copying and pasting a link to a really good article you just read won’t be enough to catch someones attention while scrolling through their news feed. Try and integrate your POV (point of view) when sharing content. What specifically about the article was insightful? What are you going to do next? How does this affect XYZ going forward? If you can’t answer any of those questions, maybe the article should not be shared.

Example of how not to repost content

Bonus Tip:

Remember the groups you joined in secret 1? Sharing content to a group directly related to the interest of that group is an easy way to spark up engagement on a post.

4. Get Personal

Your profile is not a resume or CV (Curriculum Vitae). Write it like you are having a conversation with a colleague you have worked with for years. Inject it with personality and let people know your values and passions. Remember, you want people to want to get to know you.

5. Look Sharp

Make sure your profile picture is a high-quality headshot with good lighting and ultra-sharp focus. LinkedIn is not the place for a casual selfie.

Looking sharp on LinkedIn