May 29, 2019

3 Tips on How to Turn Social Media Followers Into Customers That Love Your Business

Is your social media creating customers or just annoying them?

Nikki Tighe

This is Chad. When you run into him at a party he talks about himself the entire time and tries to sell you stuff. Now imagine that the party is Facebook and your Business Page is an attendee. Are you being a Chad?


It is often recommended to look at your business from an outside perspective and this carries over to your business’s social media pages. We’re constantly bombarded with ads on social media, so why would someone want to follow your business page and get, essentially, more ads? Even if you host a ton of giveaways and build your following to the thousands, with features like Facebook’s hide function and how the filtering algorithms work, they’ll get sick of hearing about you pretty quickly, ignore your posts, and you will no longer show up in their feed. Basically, your reach could start to tank and you’ll feel like you’re throwing content into the abyss.

1. Post About Topics Your Followers Care About

If you know your target audience (which is super helpful), write down a list of their interests. These are now topics you can post about. Let’s say you’re a car dealership. You could share an amazing car video you stumbled upon, then a post asking them what their favourite draft beer is. A couple of days later, share a video of a dog napping in a cup holder. The content doesn’t have to be directly related to your business, as long as it’s something your audience might find interesting. As Gary Vaynerchuk advises: give ‘em the Jab, Jab, Jab, Right Hook. Or in this case: cool stuff, cool stuff, cool stuff, talk about yourself.

2. Ask Them Their Opinion

Shocking news: social media users love to give their opinion. This is one of the few situations where you can ask your followers for something and they’ll actually like that you did. Share an article and ask them their opinion, post 2 different colours of Range Rovers and ask which one they like more. It’s called social media; have a conversation. When your followers actually leave comments, not only will the platform will see that they are interacting with your content and continue to show them your posts, it will start to show up in their friends’ newsfeeds too.

3. Make Them Feel Special

Make sure they know you appreciate them following along and chatting with you. Respond to them, always. If they share their opinion or recommendations, thank them. If they comment something funny or insightful, respond with a GIF. Bam. They’ll probably think you’re cooler than they did a moment ago.


You might think: why do I ultimately care if my followers interact with a car meme my business shared? Because now when you post your sales pitch or services update, it will actually show up in their feed. Also, customers choose to do business with companies that they know, like, and trust. Social media is the perfect place to build up that bond.

It’s estimated that it takes more than 20 touchpoints to make a sale nowadays, you don’t want them getting sick of you by the 4th one. If you build your online audience the right way, when you hit them with the occasional “right hook”, they’ll think you’re pretty cool by then and take the action you’re hoping for: whether it’s getting a free online quote or stopping by your shop.

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